Free Prayers of the Faithful

ChurchYear.Net still has free Prayers of the Faithful up. Please use them freely and you can alter them or amend them if necessary. We have Advent Prayers of the Faithful and if you need intercessions during Christmas or the Christmas season, be sure to utilize our Christmas Prayers of the Faithful too. We also have even more seasons and holidays available. Check them out!

Two New Pages Related To Prayer

As many of you know, we operate a sister site, ChurchYear.Net.

We have been adding prayers and other resources since we began in 2004 to that site. Now we get over a million visitors a year that are looking for resources related to prayer, worship, and – most of all – Christian holidays. Our collection of resources has grown significantly and we are happy so many people enjoy the resources provided.

We recently added two new pages, chock full of prayers. They are prayers for healing and prayers for strength. These prayers are based on Scripture, and some come from The Book of Common Prayer (re-appropriated for Catholics as The Book of Divine Worship). We hope you enjoy these pages.

Also, have a great last day of Christmas, and a blessed New Year from ChurchYear.Net and us.

What is Gaudete Sunday?

We are almost finished with Advent and the Christmas season is upon us soon. I am not sure how many days left until Christmas, but just pull aside the nearest child, and they can tell you!

Today is the third Sunday of Advent, which is also called Gaudete Sunday. The liturgical color is rose (pink), and many Catholics wonder what has changed during this third week of Lent.

Be sure to check out the article What is Gaudete Sunday for more information.

The Liturgical Busy Season

Well, summer is officially over, which also means so is the vacation from Church. I’m not advocating such a position, of course, just noting that ecclesial matters tend to slow down in the summer as does attendance.

At my parish, the schedule changes, the choir takes a break, and mass has a more laid back feel. I don’t think we help matters by calling most of the summer Sundays ordinary time, even if it has nothing to do with being “ordinary.”

As we say goodbye to the heat, picnics, and ice cream, it’s time to welcome the liturgical busy season. In the coming months we have a lot to do liturgically. Of course, there’s All Saints Day, All Soul’s, Thanksgiving, Advent, Immaculate Conception, and we can’t forget Christmas.

And, at least at my parish, there seems to be a greater level of seriousness and solemnity, as well as attendance, that comes with the end of summer. Of course, I still hope we can keep the ice cream.

Introducing ChurchYear.Net Basic

Our sister site, ChurchYear.Net has become one of the foremost sites for church year related information. We offer a lot of material that is comprehensive and academic. In an effort to also provide simpler material, we are introducing ChurchYear.Net Basic. So far we have the following pages and prayers. We have information about Easter Eggs (and the Christian legend behind them), the Christmas Tree (yes, it too has a Christian legendary background), and information about what a fast day is, as well as a feast day. While it may seem unnecessary, we can’t assume everybody knows even our most basic terms (as I often find in class). We also have a Prayer for School Bus Drivers, a Palm Sunday Prayer, a Good Friday Prayer, and also a Holy Thursday Prayer. Check them out!

Upcoming Church Holidays

Just a reminder that we have pages on the following upcoming Church Holidays that may interest the readers that occasionally check out our blog. Check them out!

Next week begins Holy Week. The Sunday of Holy Week is Palm Sunday, which commemorates the triumphal entry of Jesus into Jerusalem. The Thursday of Holy Week is called Holy Thursday, or in many churches, Maundy Thursday, and it is the day Christians recall the institution of the Eucharist and Ordination. Good Friday is when we celebrate the crucifixion and death of Jesus, which leads to Holy Saturday, when Jesus was in the tomb. Finally, this culminates in the feast of feasts, Easter Sunday and the Easter Season, which celebrates the glorious resurrection of the Lord.

Of note, in Catholicism, Holy Thursday, Good Friday, and Easter make up the Easter Triduum.

Assumption, 2010

Almighty God,
You gave a humble Virgin
the privilege of being mother of your Son,
and crowned her with the glory of heaven.
May the prayers of the Virgin Mary
bring us to the salvation of Christ
and raise us up to eternal life.
We ask this through our Lord Jesus Christ your Son
who lives and reigns with you and the Holy Spirit,
one God, forever and ever. Amen.
From the Liturgy of the Hours

Wishing all of our readers a blessed Solemnity of the Assumption on this vigil of the holiday

Shameless Lenten Plug

We have a lot of Lent resources over at ChurchYear.Net. These include Lent Prayers, Lent Canticles, and the Church Fathers Lenten Reading Plan. Also, we can’t forget about our main All About Lent page, which contains information and history about this major Church season.