“Lessons and Carols”: The Morning After

Just wanted to offer a quick comment or two about the goings on during our celebration in the “Catholics Building Bridges” room on Paltalk last night. If you were one of the 15 or so who attended, please feel free to comment with your own assessment.

Two words were used by more than one participant to describe the evening: nice and peaceful. How often can you say that about a public religious chat room?

It was very nice just to hear the Word of God read aloud and be able to reflect on the readings while listening to on-topic music. People were also able to ask questions about the various carols as we played them. It was both worshipful and educational.

When we were finished there seemed to be a general consensus that we had “been to church” in a sense. Christ was present in His Word, in the praise and in His people.

Looking forward to the next one.