“Enough with the Sheed already!”

I guess you’ll just have to endure this plague of Frank Sheed quotes until I finish The Church and I. This is from Chapter 5 “AND REMEMBER THE INQUISITION!”

Having done no reading on the subject since my boyhood in my grandparent’s very Protestant house, I still assumed that the stories of heretic-burning were a pack of lies. Some Protestants, I knew, had been burned by Catholics, but I comforted myself with the thought (which I saw no need to document) that Protestants did worse things to us. But all this was extravagantly beside the point. What others did was a matter of their conscience; our concern is with what we did. Beating one’s own breast can be of great spiritual value, beating other people’s is of none.

I think there’s more than an ounce of cure in that paragraph…especially the last few lines.

Well, the next chapter probably won’t be as relevant to the subject matter here (“I LOSE MY AWE OF BISHOPS”) so this may be the last Frank Sheed I subject you to for a while.