“What am I to do with this Sacrament?”

I was listening to Michael Barber‘s “Reasons for Faith” on EWTN radio today, and he read an entry from “Swept Over”, the blog of Scott Lyons, a Protestant who sounds like a “doomed” man to me. Read this excerpt and be the judge:

Let me share with you the true riches of the Catholic Church. It is not found in her history, and it is not in her unity or charity (or even her hats). I do not find it in her strong moral stand within our culture or in her unrelenting grasp of right. It is not that she has given us the Scriptures or that she is, after two millennia, thoroughly orthodox. Don’t misread me – there are riches here. But her true riches are, unquestioningly for me, in her Mass.

Many of the riches in the Catholic Church I can explore as a Protestant. In many cases, I can even make them my own. But the Mass is wholly different, wholly other. It has its liturgies (the Liturgy of the Word and the Liturgy of the Eucharist) that must be performed. And though the priest plays an essential role in the Mass, it is not about the priest. Or the music. Or the homily (sermonette). The Mass is a celebration of the Eucharist. And the Eucharist – and here lies the scandalon, the stumbling stone – is Christ.

…The Eucharist, therefore, celebrated as such, is either the greatest good or it is foul evil. I don’t know that there is a middle way.

And therein is my great struggle with Catholicism. It is the most profound and life-changing news I have ever received as a believer – that I can touch and experience and feast upon our Lord. And it is the most terrifying.

What am I to do with this Sacrament?

How many of you converts does this sound familar to? Perhaps from the days when it began to echo inside your own skull?

You can read the rest here. It’s worth a look.

I’ll definately keep an eye on Scott’s blog and pray he’ll know what do to with the Sacrament when the time comes.