The Long, Hot Days of Ordinary Time

Well, to those who were received at Easter, including Jason, Danny, and others, you have made it through your first 50 days! Your sacramental seal of confirmation is now permanent as the 50-day money-back guarantee period is over (that’s a joke). Now we enter the long period of Ordinary Time Seaon.

I know books have been written about how Ordinary Time need not be “ordinary,” but the truth is, Ordinary Time is a long haul which honestly does lack some of the frills of the other cycles of the Church Year. Many of us pine for Christmas and Easter; rarely do we pine for Ordinary Time. During Ordinary time, choirs go on vacation, the colors stay green for months, and unlike with Christmas and Easter, secular America doesn’t take notice of our holidays. This is not to say Ordinary Time lacks some major feasts or high points. Trinity Sunday, Catholic Corpus Christi, The Dormition of Mary (Dormition), Solemnity All Saints Day, and Commemoration of All Souls fall within Ordinary Time. Plus, I admit it is nice to kind of just go through the regular Ordinary Time Liturgy of the Hours cycle again. I started seriously exploring the Catholic Church during the summer Ordinary Time, and I began using the Catholic version of the Liturgy of the Hours then, so it has a special place in my heart. Additionally, Ordinary Time stands in contrast to the other cycles, making the other cycles even more meaningful.

So sit back and enjoy Ordinary Time.