Christ the King

I have been silent online over the last few days, because I am spending time with my family during my Thanksgiving break. I hope everyone had a blessed Thanksgiving!

However, I wanted to blog a little bit about Christ the King Sunday, which is celebrated tomorrow. Besides being a sign that Advent is on its way, Christ the King Sunday is an important feast in its own right, when we celebrate Christ as the loving and just king and lord of all. I remember learning more about the feast in 2003, when I was about ready to leave the Episcopal church. At the time, I was involved in a downtown parish as a seminarian. The vestry and rector were discussing the upcoming Sunday, which was Christ the King. A vestry member made a comment about Sunday being Christ the King, and how much he hated it, because he disliked “king” language, which was patriarchal and oppressive. The rector said something similar. I, not exactly thrilled to be at a meeting at a liberal parish during my free time, suggested maybe we should celebrate, “Christ our Democratically Elected Leader Sunday” instead.

There were a few uncomfortable laughs following my comment. After the meeting, the rector and I discussed Christ the King Sunday, and he told me how kings are oppressive, and celebrating Christ as king may make people feel uncomfortable, and so forth. I tried to explain to him how Jesus is the perfect just and loving king, and how Jesus’ role as king is one of servanthood, and not oppression. I said that he acts as a humble exemplar for earthly rulers, and is fair and just even when the will of the people may not be. I don’t think the rector was convinced. Nonetheless, this discussion made me think more about Christ the King Sunday than I ever had, which is a good thing.

Happy Feast of Christ the King!