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Lent: It’s not about us…

Self-realization is a contradiction and it is too little for us. We have a higher destiny…

The Cross is the definitive revelation of love and divine mercy. To enter into this mystery of love there is no other way than that of losing ourselves, giving ourselves: the Way of the Cross.

Pope Benedict XVI, public audience today, Ash Wednesday of 2007

Ash Wednesday

“Remember man you are dust, and to dust you will return.”

For those unfamiliar with Ash Wednesday, this phrase is what the priest says when he places ashes on your forehead during the Ash Wednesday service. This phrase is not exactly affirming and I doubt you will hear it come from a self-help guru on Oprah, but it is true.

Ash Wednesday injects a little reality into our heads as we begin the penitential season of Lent.

Is it Lent Again?

Goodness… Lent begins tomorrow!

I wish everyone a blessed and fulfilling Lent. Keep the self-flagellation to a minimum please!

I want to remind our readers of some of our Lenten resources, including the materials at ChurchYear.Net. We have updated the Church Fathers Lenten Reading Plan for 2007. We now have a brand new “lite” version of the same reading plan, for those who don’t want all of the reading: Church Fathers Lenten Reading Plan LITE. This plan was pretty popular last year, and we hope everyone interested in being introduced to the Church Fathers checks it out. We also have some Lent Prayers for those interested. We have some suggestions on what to give up for Lent too. There are more resources on our main Lent page.

Lent is a good time to spiritually “clean house.” It is a time of reflection, penitence, and sacrifice. Anybody have any thoughts on what to give up? I haven’t decided yet.

A blessed Lent to all of you.

By the way, it seems Anglican conservatives have won a bit of a victory at Tanzania. We shall see if the resolutions are enforced, but it seems like the Anglican Communion means business. Is this a Lenten gift to reasserter Anglicans? Seems so.