Trinity Sunday!

Today, as many readers here know, is Trinity Sunday, a day set aside to specifically celebrate the blessed Trinity, the three-in-one. The Trinity is the belief that one God exists in three persons. Muslims, Jews, Unitarians, Jehovah’s Witnesses, and enlightenment rationalists misunderstand or even mock this ancient, cherished dogma. The Trinity is probably one of the most difficult Christian dogmas to grasp. Of course, that is why many of us are drawn to the doctrine of the Trinity: it is beautifully paradoxical, understood primarily by faith and worship, only known in part by the rational mind.

Many of the great saints recommend not over-focusing on understanding the Trinity, but rather simply appreciating the grand mystery. As St. Hilary of Poitiers writes:

Penetrate into the mystery, plunge into the darkness which shrouds that birth, where you will be alone with God the Unbegotten and God the Only-begotten. Make your start, continue, persevere. I know that you will not reach the goal, but I shall rejoice at your progress. For He who devoutly treads an endless road, though he reach no conclusion, will profit by his exertions. Reason will fail for want of words, but when it comes to a stand it will be the better for the effort made.