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Some Octave of Christianity Resources

Please read Fr. J’s excellent Octave of Christian Unity post below. I don’t want to detract from his post, except to say that a few years ago Jonathan and I put together some prayers and readings for the Octave of Christian Unity, with a special focus on East-West unity. Please check out the resources for day one, including this prayer:

Heavenly Father,
Your blessed Son asked that His Church be one
as You and He are one,
but Christians have not been united as He prayed.
We have isolated ourselves from each other
and have failed to listen to each other.
We have misunderstood and ridiculed
and even gone so far as to attack each other.

In doing so we have offended against You,
against all our brothers and sisters in the Church
and against all who have not believed in You
because of our scandalous disunity.
Forgive us Father,
and make us fully one.
Blot out our sins,
renew our minds,
rekindle our hearts,
and guide us by Your Holy Spirit
into the oneness that is Your Will.

Prayer for the Unity of the Church from
the New St. Joseph People’s Prayer Book

Is It Lent Already?

No, it’s not Lent yet, but it is coming soon! So if you are interested, the Church Fathers Lenten Reading Plan has been updated for 2008. The Church Fathers Lenten Reading Plan Lite has been updated as well, for those of us who would rather read a little less. This devotion has been popular in past years, especially since many Christians want to read the Church Fathers, but seem to put it off in these busy times. The Church Father readings revolve around the Lenten fast, which runs 40 days from Ash Wednesday to Holy Saturday, minus Sundays (so you get a break from reading on Sundays). The readings have remained the same as the two previous years. Maybe in the future, we’ll get a few other reading options available.

I will mention this again nearer to Lent, but I thought I would post it for those who like to think ahead. Also, if you notice any errors, please let me know. I updated it using my trusty Liturgical Desk Calendar, but I may have messed up a date or two.