Trinity Sunday

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Today is Trinity Sunday, one of my favorite Church holidays, because it celebrates my favorite reality – the Blessed Trinity. Now, I know that was worded a bit oddly…how many people have a favorite reality? Well, I wanted to say the Trinity was my favorite dogma, but I also wanted to clearly articulate that the Trinity is not simply learned about on paper, but known in worship.

I mentioned this in a previous post about the Trinity, but ever since I learned about it, I have been fascinated by the Trinity. I don’t recall thinking about the Trinity until around 6th grade. However, starting from this time, I have read a lot about the Trinity over the years, and was eventually pleased to discover that many liturgical churches specifically celebrate the Trinity on the Sunday after Pentecost every year (although virtually every facet of Catholic life and worship is Trinitarian, so it is not as if Trinity Sunday is all we got!). One reason I love the Church Year (and post about it so often) is because the Church Year allows us to celebrate and commemorate all sorts of biblical and traditional people, events, and realities, ensuring that they have a place in our everyday lives, and do not simply become cold, historical facts.

I wish all of our readers a blessed Trinity Sunday.