Traditional Anglicans to Get Personal Prelature Status?

The internet is buzzing with rumors that the Congregation for the Doctrine of the Faith may offer the Traditional Anglican Communion (a continuing Anglican church) status of personal prelature. There is information available from The American Catholic. There have been many rumors about what may happen with the TAC. They have sought some sort of greater communion with the Catholic Church, and the rumor-mill has been very active speculating what exactly the Vatican will do. If they are indeed offered the status of personal prelature, this will be a major, major, decision. Some are speculating that thousands of of alienated Anglo-Catholic Anglicans in England may become Catholic under such a system. I am reluctant to get too excited over this (and I am also excited about the liturgical possibilities of having an Anglican-like prelature in the Church!), because rumors are flying both directions about the future of the TAC in the Catholic Church, but this is rather interesting.