Medjugorje – Genuine or Hoax?

When I first became Catholic in 2004, I hung around various Paltalk rooms, and one thing I noticed was that some Catholics seemed to talk more about apparitions than anything else, almost to the point that any outsider would think that our faith was all about apparitions.  One issue that would always come up would be Medjugorje, with many Catholics swearing it was real and swearing how deeply it touched their faith. Generally I have been suspicious of Medjugorje, and two recent blog posts have made me even more suspicious. I suggest you read them, as they both point out that the apparitions at Medjugorje seem to have resulted from a dispute between the local bishop and the Franciscans in the area.

The American Catholic has a good post called Medjugorje: Hoax from the Beginning, which is worth reading, and provides some insight into some of the suspicious activities surrounding Medjugorje.

A Conservative Blog For Peace also has a great post on the issue, which ultimately reminds us that in Catholic ecclesiology the bishop calls the shots.

If you believe Medjuggorje has edified your faith, then I am glad, and I am not trying to take that away from you. However, I think that the way this apparition has unfolded and been handled has been less than Catholic.