We Have A New Pope

I interrupt this Per Christum hiatus to mention the election of a new pope – with the name Francis. He is Jorge Mario Bergoglio, the bishop of Argentina.

This is a “first” for a variety of reasons. He is the first Jesuit pope (it only took 500 years right?), as well as the first pope from the Americas, and of course the first pope in a long time to be around while a former pope was alive. He was also a bishop over both Latin and Eastern Catholics!

So far, I am really excited about what Pope Francis is doing. He seems to care deeply about the poor, and so far his papacy has been an exercise in humility over ostentation.

I think the world needs a pope like this. Unfortunately, the Church’s reputation has been damaged worldwide for a variety of reasons. A pope that reaches out to people in quiet humility is just what we need.

Habemus Papam!