Per Christum was started in 2006 by a group of Catholic converts to provide an orthodox, charitable, and reasonable place to post and discuss Catholic topics. Over time, we have added new contributors who share this vision. We strive to be orthodox, truthful, reasonable, and faithful to the Magisterium.  Unfortunately, some orthodox Catholic blogs and forums often deal with others in an uncharitable way, so we strive to be a place of open and charitable discussion for everyone, even those who are not Catholic. We regularly address a variety of topics, including sane ecumenism, book reviews, worship, saints, Catholic news, politics, Catholic Social Teaching, and much more. Please check out our posts and join us for a discussion!

We are associated with our sister sites, Ancient and Future Catholics, ChurchYear.Net, and Cedar Grove Photography.

Our current contributors come from a variety of backgrounds, and bring different strengths and interests to Per Christum. Many also have personal blogs that are worth visiting. Contributors are listed on the sidebar of the blog.